HR Tech Consultant

You. You see opportunity for HR teams to spend their time much more efficiently and for employees to have a better HR experience. Whether someone’s applying for a job as a candidate, looking up a pay slip as an employee, pulling a report as an HR team member, or managing a team’s performance as a manager, it all needs to happen smoothly in your opinion.
A company could be working with paper, Excel, a subpar system, or a few niche tools. It doesn’t really matter, you are itching to solve the puzzle with topnotch HR technology so the company can continue doing what it does best. You love tech, you love people, and you love making people love tech. They will need your help with making choices, setting things up, and making the change.


HRMC is not a place for everyone. Clarity, integrity, flexibility, and ownership are the values we play by when trying to solve the only puzzle we care about: creating thriving, agile organizations. We believe in self-managing teams; our consultants take initiatives and responsibility for their work.

Our consultants are (after a while):

  • Inspiring workshop facilitators
  • Trusted advisors for HR teams
  • Experts in digital HR and HCM and technologies
  • Determined to deploy the best solution for the customer, even if this means going 10 extra miles
  • Coming up with better ways for us to help customers and deliver on our brand promise

A week in the life

Understanding customer requirements in a kick-off workshop on Monday at Customer X while presenting an integration prototype in the afternoon at Customer Y. Traveling to Luxembourg to discuss the data migration strategy  on Tuesday. On Wednesday and Thursday migrate and verify the loaded data. Finetuning security access rules in the office on Friday, finishing the data integration and configuration setup and end right on time for a well-deserved drink.

Successful colleagues rely on a mix of

  • communication talents both internally and with the customer
  • the ability to organize their own work within the timelines set
  • an analytical mastermind eager to dive into the toughest integration puzzles
  • a down-to-earth dependable personality with plenty of humor
  • an entrepreneurial solution-oriented mindset that is contagious
  • a relentless interest in technology, integration questions, HR and of course people


  • project management skills
  • a professional level of French or another EU language


What you can expect from us

The key words are flexibility, responsibility, and support. We will coach you and provide the right environment for you to thrive in. This includes a nice office, transportation, salary, and as much coffee as you want. Above anything, we promise that you’ll feel like you made an impact on this world and that when you decide to move on (which will statistically happen), it will be with the highest of recommendations and a significantly higher labor market value.

Hours: full-time
Status: employee
Your location: where you’re most valuable
HQ location: Veldkant 31, Kontich

Are you the one we are looking for?